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Pet shop has license refused after ‘failing to improve’

A Barrow pet shop has had its license refused after ‘failing to improve’ its care for animals in the store.

Wayne Moffat who runs Living World in Dalton Road, attended a two hour meeting when he was told he had not improved on recommendations given to him by the council and vets.

The pet shop houses animals such as marmosets, a caiman and exotic parrots.

Mrs Vicky Temple BVMS, CertAVP(ZM), MRCVS, RCVS advanced practitioner in Zoological Medicine of the Millcroft Veterinary Group – the Council’s appointed veterinary advisor – inspected the property on a number of occasions.

Her report dated 4 December 2017 stated: “Despite adequate time being given, Mr Moffatt had still failed to improve many of the areas required of him as condition of his license. The visit concentrated on the welfare of the animals within the shop with the following significant findings having been made.

“It is my professional opinion that Mr Moffatt is failing to acknowledge recognised scientific requirements for the appropriate environment and diet of many of the animals under his care. By doing so he is also failing to provide for the welfare needs of many of his animals as required by law in Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

“As per my previous report, by continuing to allow Mr Moffatt to trade in animals, he is not only likely to cause further animal suffering but project this as an acceptable way to keep animals for the adults and children that visit this establishment.”

However, Moffat disagreed and claimed he was being ‘racially targeted’, according to the North-West Evening Mail.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Moffat said: “I thought I was coming here on a point of law about keeping a pet shop, but it seems personal.

“I feel like I’m being targeted whether through racial targeting I don’t know, but I don’t feel like I’m being treated the same as everyone else in this town.

“A lot of this will have to be heard in court of law because I’ve heard so many lies I’m flabbergasted.”

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