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Pet businesses urged to become ‘pet care aware’

In 2018 National Pet Month (NPM) is urging pet owners and pet loving businesses to become pet care aware.

Pet Care Aware is a new initiative to bring pet professionals and pet friendly organisations together to help spread the responsible pet care message throughout the year.

This year’s National Pet Month campaign takes place from April 1 – May 7, encouraging pet fans to learn and talk about responsible pet care and raise money for their favourite UK pet charities.

Now, for the first time, alongside NPM, businesses and organisations are being asked to get behind Pet Care Aware – a new initiative allowing the responsible pet care message to carry on more visibly 24/7, 365 days a year, and beyond the charity’s April campaign month.

NPM Chairman Michael Bellingham explains: “National Pet Month is a well-known charity which has been encouraging UK pet fans to raise money for UK pet charities for nearly 30 years, but it has always been about so much more than the campaign month of April. Pet Care Aware allows us to be spreading good pet care messages throughout the year and join with fellow pet friendly organisations to build a pet friendly community to be proud of.”

If you’re in business and would like to support the educational charity aims of NPM, you can join the Pet Care Aware family for just £250. For this you’ll benefit from a year’s listing on NPM’s website with a live link to your website, as well as an exclusive electronic supporter badge for your online channels and a window sticker for your premises.

Michael adds: “As an educational charity we spend many hours talking to schools, businesses, fellow charities and other organisations about the importance of responsible pet care, using our Top 10 Tips for responsible pet ownership as a great guide to help the country’s pets stay happy and healthy.

“However, there is still a fair amount of misunderstanding about NPM in that we are an umbrella charity that helps showcase other UK pet charities and our work goes on throughout the year.

“Pet Care Aware offers us the chance to create a wonderful new family of pet care supporters in the veterinary profession and business community, all with the same key aims – to ensure our country’s pets are receiving the very best care possible.”

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