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Valentine’s Day campaign promotes healthy pets

Dog lovers are being urged to look after the hearts of their canine companions this Valentine’s Day with a campaign to boost health through improved diet and exercise.

Fish4Dogs wants owners to ‘love fish’ in order to harness the benefits which contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.

Animal nutritionist David Southey BSc advises that many chronic diseases and conditions in pets are associated with inflammation.

“Whether it be inflamed skin leading to scratching and biting, inflammation of the kidneys leading to urinary difficulties, or an inflamed heart leading to circulatory problems, any dietary help to reduce this inflammation can aid overall health and longevity,” he says.

“The great news is that fish, and in particular the omega-3 oils in fish, are extremely effective and natural anti-inflammatory nutrients, that help to stabilise the body and return it to a relaxed state. A daily diet rich in oily fish will promote soft and flexible skin, as well as maintaining organs, such as the heart and kidneys, in efficient working condition.

“Unlike most vegetable omega-3’s, such as those from linseed, fish omega-3’s are also utilised in the body very efficiently, quickly getting straight to the target tissues where they are needed.”

Sheila Hamilton Andrews MSc CCAB of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society said: “Regular exercise is vital to dogs and their humans. Not only is it essential to health, helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but also to well-being, providing an opportunity for interaction and mental stimulation for your dog which in turn, strengthens the bond between you.”

Jo Little, Fish4Dogs senior marketing manager, said: “We have taken the concept of ‘we take care of their hearts because they are in ours’ because it sums up the inter-dependent nature of the relationship that we have with our dogs. They give to us with their whole hearts and as dog lovers, we need to give back to them to ensure that they remain happy and healthy for as long as possible.”

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