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Pet company using logo illegitimately, claims the BVDA

A pet dental products company has been illegitimately using the logo of the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA), claims the association.

The established group of veterinary surgeons has released a statement about a business named Pet Dentist Products of 151 Cassiobury Drive, Watford, that is alleged to be selling a number of pet products, and an e-book, with the BVDA logo on the labelling.

The BVDA has requested the immediate removal of its logo from all these products.

The association has released the following statement:

“The BVDA wish to make several points very clear:

1. BVDA has NO connection with Pet Dentist Products or its products and does not and never has endorsed it or the products concerned.

2. BVDA has NOT given permission to use the BVDA logo (the copyright of which rests with BVDA), either explicitly or implicitly, to this company or its owner.

3. BVDA, as a decided policy, does NOT endorse any products or services.

4. BVDA does not permit its members to use the BVDA logo to publicise their own services.

5. BVDA will, on occasion, after consideration and subject to stringent conditions, endorse the Veterinary Oral Health Council(VOHC) Seal for products which have genuinely qualified for this seal, and permit the BVDA logo to be used on packaging only as a sign of endorsement of this seal.”

Pet Dentist Products has been contacted to provide a statement.

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