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New shopping platform helps pet stores

A start-up business launched to get back into high street shops has now opened its doors to London-based pet stores.

The website and app allows shoppers to find and buy items from shops nearby for instant collection and 1-hour delivery in London.

The startup wants to get more people into local shops by making buying from “them faster and more convenient than ordering online”.

The technology start-up announced it is adding ‘pet stores’ as its newest category to the platform.

The service already works with over 100 shops in London across eight retail verticals, and is now looking to partner with London-based pet shops after a successful pilot in the category.

Nick Brackenbury, co-founder and CEO at NearSt said: “High street shops have an incredible power, stocking thousands of daily items often just meters from shoppers’ homes and offices. However, when you search online for ‘where to buy dog treats nearby’ you’ll only find results from traditional online stores, causing local shops to miss out. By opening up NearSt to pet stores we’re changing that, so shoppers can source all of their pet essentials from the local store around the corner.”

Paige Here, owner at House of Pets and Grooming, stated: “We want to be different and make shopping our shelves even easier for our customers.

“What better way to achieve this than by having our products hand delivered to their door or reserved for them? No one else does this! NearSt is unique and brings fundamental innovation to independent retailers!”

The company has launched with a group of pet stores in central London, and is accepting new shops in London. Shop owners can add their store on or via

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