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England is ‘lagging’ behind in animal welfare, claims charity

Blue Cross has written an open letter to Michael Gove to clarify Westminster’s position on a ban on electric shock collars for England following the decision by Scotland to outlaw the cruel and unnecessary devices.

The national pet charity is calling for Westminster to follow in the steps of Scotland and Wales to outlaw the use of the devices as soon as possible to prevent further animals from suffering.

It also echoes calls by MSPs for a ban on the supply and sale of electric shock collars by Westminster.

In his letter to Michael Gove, Blue Cross deputy chief executive Steve Goody asked what plans Defra has to look at the issues around aversive training methods and whether a ban on the use of electric shock collars will be forthcoming.

He also warned that England faced “lagging behind” on such a serious animal welfare issue.

The use of electric shock collars has been banned in Wales since 2010. Scotland had planned to “regulate” rather than ban the use of electric shock collars but after coming under pressure from animal welfare charities and MSPs has now taken the decision to ban them.

Mr Goody said Blue Cross would be happy to meet with the Defra team to discuss the charity’s concerns in more detail.

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