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Pet company launches trace-ability campaign

 Beco Pets has launched a campaign focusing on the trace-ability and ethics of the chicken in its free-range chicken recipe.

The first instalment is a short film, shot on the free-range chicken farm where Beco Food sources their meat, nestled in the countryside of East Anglia.

It shows us the life of a free-range chicken as well as the morals and beliefs behind the farmer’s practises.

George Bramble, co-founder of Beco Food, explains where the free-range offering originated. “We were alarmed to find out that when most pet food brands advertised ‘chicken’ on their packaging, they were using chickens that had been intensively reared in sheds, in cramped conditions (often 20 chickens per square metre) without access to natural sunlight.

“These chickens live 32 days from hatching to shelf, they are force-fed into unnaturally fast growth. It’s just unbearable’.

“This wasn’t good enough, so when developing our recipe, we visited our free-range farm to make sure it met our standards.

“It was better than we could have imagined with happy chickens roaming free all day every day, spending their time outside pecking grubs. We want to show people that every chicken in Beco Food has had a happy, long and free-range life.”

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