Mackle Pet Foods increases Sainsbury’s presence

Mackle Pet Foods has increased distribution into Sainsbury’s of its range of natural and grain free dog food, with the introduction of two new lines.

This follows on from the company’s £3 million investment in its plastic tray manufacturing facility in Moy, Northern Ireland in 2017, which has enabled it to more than double production of the healthy pet range, Naturo.

A number of products from the Naturo range will launch into over 1,400 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

The Naturo Grain Free Chicken and Potato with vegetables 400g tray will be supplied into 1,000 stores, and the Naturo Grain Free Trays 400g variety six pack and Grain and Gluten Free Cans 390g variety six pack will be supplied into 400 stores, doubling the existing store distribution.

The new Naturo Grain Free Trays range is designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs and is ideal for dogs with digestive issues, whilst the new Naturo Grain and Gluten Free Cans range contains many superfoods providing important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the overall health of dogs.  

Sainsbury’s stores already take a variety of the Naturo product range – including cat and dog food, wet, and grain free.

Claire McNally, marketing manager for Naturo, said: “We are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with Sainsbury’s who are now selling our healthy pet food range through over 70% of their stores in the UK.

“We recognise and have responded to the demand for high quality, grain free products by consumers, with the two new ranges of grain free, and grain and gluten free, both of which are ideal for dogs with digestive and health issues. By introducing the new lines to a wider number of its stores, Sainsbury’s is further investing in natural pet food solutions in response to demand from pet owners who are looking for more natural food choices for their pets.”

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