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Supermarket takes aim at the hypoallergenic pet food market

Sainsbury’s is set to take on the healthy and hypoallergenic pet food market with the launch of its Hypoallergenic Range.

The range, part of a wider investment in the pet aisles, has been created to cater for UK cats and dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

The supermarket states that “owners [have had] to rely on specialist retailers for such products until now.”

The new Sainsbury’s range will be available in stores from the end of January 2018 and is the biggest investment the retailer has ever made in its pet food range.

Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Range contains recipes that are made without ingredients such as wheat, grain, dairy, eggs and soya.

The retailer has also created a new range of pet treats made without added sugars.

Lucy Taylor, product developer for Pets at Sainsbury’s said: “As our customers become more aware of the ingredients in the food they eat, we’ve also seen a shift in buying habits within the pet food market. Our development focus has been to offer a nutritionally-sound product range to satisfy the numerous pet dietary needs – something we’ve identified as increasingly important to pet owners.

“Responding to this emerging trend, we’ve removed artificial colours and flavours across our pet food ranges and introduced recipes made without grain, wheat and other common allergens. The work we’ve done in the pet aisle makes this type of specialist pet nutrition more accessible, offering products that are not only more widely available, but also more affordable.”

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