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Pet food company joins forces with charity

Pet food manufacturer Fish4Dogs is providing support to a charity that strives to maintain the inseparable bond between pets and their owners when age or infirmity affect their lives.

The Worcestershire-based company has agreed to partner the Cinnamon Trust which helps more than 87,000 people a year look after much loved and much needed companion animals.

A network of 16,000 volunteers ‘hold hands’ with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets – keeping them together for as long as possible. The Trust arranges foster care when owners go into hospital, can help owners find pet-friendly residential homes and, if this is not possible, the life-time care of the pet while maintaining contact between the owner and their pet. The charity also takes on the life-time care of bereaved pets.

Fish4Dogs has promised to help support this work, helping the recruitment of trust volunteers by including information in its sponsorship and gift boxes, through email campaigns to customers and jointly attending events.

It has also agreed to run a discount scheme for volunteers, many of whom will have their own pets, and provide ‘new walking friend’ bags to volunteers who provide practical assistance to housebound pet owners; by walking their dogs, transporting animals for vets appointments, shopping for pet provisions or offering short-term foster care.

Fish4Dogs CEO, Graham Smith, said that the relationship with the Cinnamon Trust would be “long-lasting, engaging and purposeful”.

“Most people will recognise the importance of the bond between a pet owner and their cherished companion. Pets enrich our lives, bring with them happiness and laughter and this is particularly true when the owner is an older person who perhaps lives on their own,” he said.

“They provide comfort, loyalty and protection from loneliness and despair. It is vital that we help maintain these relationships for those who are at their most vulnerable and we are committed to supporting the Cinnamon Trust in delivering this service.”

The Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity which seeks to relieve problems faced by elderly and terminally-ill people and their pets. It was founded in 1985 by Mrs Averil Jarvis MBE, who named the charity in memory of her beloved Corgi, Cinnamon.

Averil said that the partnership with Fish4Dogs would reinforce its efforts by encouraging greater volunteer participation which in turn would support increasing numbers of people in need.

“I am delighted that Fish4Dogs has decided to support The Cinnamon Trust. We could not do what we do without our network of volunteers and this extra support and recognition will greatly assist our volunteer recruitment drive to meet the ever-increasing demands upon our services, as well as providing some tasty, healthy food and treats for the dogs we all love!”

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