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Raw food start-up launches with new cold store facility

Raw Made Simple is a brand new start-up business based in Essex, specialising in raw food for dogs.

This month, the Cold Store Rentals team installed a new 3m x 4.5m freezer which is powered by a Zanotti electrical refrigeration system.

It took only three months to transform the empty units into a fully fitted out and compliant DEFRA approved manufacturing plant.

Director of Raw Made Simple, Kay explained why she decided to set up the business: “Being a dog lover myself, I’ve many years’ experience of feeding my pets, always looking for well-balanced, nutritional meals. A few years ago one of my dogs had health problems and chatting to a friend, they suggested trying a diet of raw food.  I researched the subject and sourced my own ingredients, producing my own raw-food meals at home. It was so successful – my dog fully recovered and is now healthy, fit and well – that I switched all of my dogs to the new diet.”

The success of feeding Kay’s own pets with raw food gave her a business idea.

Disappointed with the products on offer in the pet food market, she discussed the idea with friends and soon found a business partner, Richard and a financial backer for the venture.

Managing director of Cold Store Rentals, Steve Prior also facilitated a financial package for the cold storage equipment and a blending/mixing machine to grind the ingredients using Satellite Finance. With the fit-out successfully completed, Raw Made Simple Ltd. will be opening its’ doors for business in early January 2018.

With an exciting New Year approaching, the new enterprise is ready and raring to go. Kay says, “Our objective is to capture the high end, convenient, quality pet food market; targeting consumers who want to feed their dogs healthy, nutritious meals. We offer a totally different concept of feeding your dog; using a “no touch process” and recyclable materials, our food will be easy to use.

“Simply, thaw, open and serve. All our food is traceable using an innovative bar coding system, so we can see exactly where the ingredients came from. We currently have 10 recipes available and intend to expand the range shortly. I can’t wait to get going: I’m living the dream!”

Steve Prior says, “We are delighted to work with this fantastic business. Kay and Richard bring so much passion, knowledge and business experience to their new project that I am sure they will be successful.

“The Raw Made Simple production site is excellent, providing a superb foundation for the cold store installation.  We look forward to working with them as the business grows and expands in the future.”

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