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Exotic animals stolen from pet shop

Exotic animals, stock and a charity collection were all stolen from a Lancashire based pet shop.

A.J. Exotics & Pet Supplies was broken into between 6pm on Wednesday (December 13) and 9.30am on Thursday.

Animals including tortoises, snakes and other reptiles, such as a crested gecko were all taken in the break in.

The shop posted to Facebook to say: “If anyone here’s anything or is offered any animals cheap in our local area please please could you let us know or contact the police and let them know.

“Unfortunately they took some of our young animals that all need certain heating and lightening and we worry for their health and well-being.”

They posted earlier today (Friday 15) to say that they have made some progress in finding the people involved.

The business stated: “Now I don’t actually care about the money it’s the animals that we are worried about and want back because these animals NEED AND DESERVE proper care and attention to survive and thrive. They can develop serious health issues if there not cared for correctly.

“They also had the cheek to steal our charity boxes one for wolfwood and animal care! So not only the shop animals effected but also money being raised for hundreds of over animals being looked after by these amazing charities.”



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