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Dog survives 30ft plunge from bridge

A four-year-old Labrador from Glasgow has survived a horrific 30-foot fall from a bridge, thanks to PDSA vets.

Owner Elizabeth Brydon (36) was out walking in Glasgow’s Linn Park with her beloved pooch when, without warning, he suddenly jumped up over the wall of the bridge, plummeting onto the rocky river bed below.

Distraught owner Elizabeth said: “It all seemed to happen in slow-motion. I remember seeing him in mid-air, feeling utterly helpless.

“I saw him motionless at the bottom of the bridge and I thought he was dead. There was very little water in the river, so he fell straight onto the rocks below. When I didn’t see him moving, I thought we’d lost him.”

Elizabeth rushed down to stricken Chino and, to her amazement, found him alive. But he was in a very bad way. She took him straight to PDSA where he was given immediate pain-relief.

PDSA vets confirmed he’d suffered severe internal bruising and a punctured lung.

PDSA Vet Susan Hermit, said: “Poor Chino was in a critical condition when he came in. We gave him pain killers, and X-rays revealed he had suffered serious chest injuries. His lung had collapsed as a result of the impact and he had severe bruising all over his body. Incredibly though, he hadn’t broken any bones.

“Chino had to stay with us throughout the night, and we monitoring him closely to keep him comfortable and pain-free. We were able to send him home the next day, so he could recover in comfort with his owner. He is a very lucky dog not to have died that day.”

Chino is making a remarkable recovery at home, and Elizabeth is over the moon to have her furry companion back where he should be, to provide love and comfort at Christmas.

“We’re so grateful to have him home,” Elizabeth added. “My children have grown up and flown the nest, so he’s like my baby now. He’s been so well looked after by all the staff at PDSA throughout his recovery. He’s already back to his cheeky ways and has made an incredibly quick recovery. He’s my miracle dog.”

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