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Beaphar celebrates 75th anniversary

Pet product manufacturer and pharmaceutical company Beaphar has been celebrating its 75th anniversary
this year.

Across the globe team members have been marking the occasion with different events, all culminating in a 75th anniversary party held at head office in Raalte, Holland.

On the 24th November, employees from every Beaphar office around the globe gathered to together to celebrate the achievements of the company as a whole, and the contribution, expertise and skills that each individual brings to the business.

Father and son, Henk Aa (Beaphar CEO) and Daan Aa (Beaphar director) were at the forefront of the celebrations, welcoming each member of the Beaphar family as they arrived.

They then began the proceedings with a short speech celebrating Beaphar’s past and giving the crowd, consisting of over 500 employees, a sneak peek at what the future holds.

They also revealed Beaphar’s anniversary video, which charted the progress and success of the company from 1942 to the present day, and included Beaphar employees emphasising the four pillars of the company; quality, expertise, service and trust.

After thanking the team, it was the Beaphar employees’ turn to thank Henk and Daan. To commemorate reaching such a huge milestone, artist Henk Slomp was commissioned to create a unique sculpture.

It consisted of three modern, cordon steel pillars, representing company founder Bernard Aa, Henk and Daan, holding a transparent, blue glass heart in the centre to symbolise that the sky is the limit, and the unlimited possibilities of Beaphar and all its employees.

While Beaphar has been looking back, both over its history and the events of the past year, it also continues to look forward. As a celebration and a thank you, each Beaphar employee was given a commemorative book, charting the company’s journey from its humble beginnings as a small business with just 15 employees to global company with over 500.


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