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RAF dogs rewarded by pet company

London’s Northolt RAF dogs have been rewarded by Burns Pet Nutrition with a festive feast.

The 24 waggy-tailed companions work all-year round in exchange for unconditional love and food.

They are tasked with crucial duties such as sniffing out explosive arms, policing and protection.

The diligent dogs range from German Shepherds to Springer Spaniels and can work up to the age of 11.

When Kidwelly-based pet food business, Burns Pet Nutrition heard about the work of the RAF dogs, they were keen to reward them with a festive feast.

Burns business owner, John Burns said, “When it comes to search duties, the work that one RAF dog can do is the equivalent of nine humans, which is really quite incredible. These dogs save hundreds of lives during their years of service and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them a healthy reward for all their hard work. We hope they will enjoy our Burns take on a Christmas feast.”

The dogs have received a bumper Christmas dinner package full of Burns’ most premium products including Penlan Farm- a wet food range. They’ve also received a large number of stocking filler treats.

Amanda Hudd said, “It’s absolutely fantastic how kind and generous Burns have been to the Military Working Dogs at the RAF Northolt. They will certainly be well-fed over the Christmas period.”

Rebecca Wilkinson, who heads up Sponsorship at Burns commented, “It’s amazing to be able to show our gratitude to these lifesaving animals by giving them a gift that every dog wants- yummy food. On behalf of all the staff at Burns, I’d like to wish all the RAF dogs a Merry Christmas.”

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