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New interchangeable heads launched by Furminator

Furminator has launched brand new interchangeable head system so multi-pet household can now purchase a grooming tool for all their pets.

With a broad range of interchangeable heads and a curved, stainless steel edge that follows the contour of the body, the FURflex tool will suit the grooming needs of all cats and dogs.

The range features technology to help make grooming as easy and effective as possible.

FURmLock technology lets owners easily swap heads, from the de-Shedding tool to grooming brush to comb depending on their pet’s breed, size and hair length.

The de-shedding tools gently remove loose hair from the undercoat for a smoother, healthier coat, and the innovative Fur Collector heads help collect the loose hair for quick and easy disposal.

Giuliano Buccino, head of marketing at Spectrum Pet Brands (UK & Ireland): “With pet ownership continuing to grow in popularity3 and many owners opting for multiple pets, launching a new interchangeable grooming tool felt like a natural product development. At FURminator, we not only have the pet in mind but the pet owner too, and thanks to the flexibility offered by FURflex, they can now groom efficiently and effectively no matter what their situation or lifestyle.”

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