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Pet food company trials diets

IAMS Proactive Health embarked on a  trialling campaign to find out what cats and their owners really thought about the food.

IAMS Proactive Health for cats combines chicken and turkey as its main ingredients. Available in kitten, adult and senior varieties, IAMS Proactive Health provides tailored nutrition.

Of the 2,000 cat owners involved in an IAMS trial campaign, 95 percent* would happily recommend the brand to a fellow pet parent.

With nine out of ten saying their cats liked or loved IAMS, the Proactive Health range offers pets a fresh and tasty diet allowing them to benefit from high-quality ingredients.

Giuliano Buccino, IAMS head of marketing comments, “We’re thrilled by the initial results of our trialling campaign. At IAMS, we know what’s important to pet owners, which is why we are passionate about creating superior diets that not only provide cats with everything they need to be happy but are also mouth-wateringly tasty, allowing them to fully benefit from the high-quality ingredients.”

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