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Pets at Home launches new own-brand food

Pets at Home has launched five new dry dog foods.

The new Wainwright’s ‘Gently Baked’ products, each contain ingredients that focus on various needs.

Gently Baked Skin and Coat may help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat condition while Gently Baked Joint and Mobility contains ingredients that may help to support joints and aid movement.

For those dogs that have sensitive tummies, Gently Baked Digestion and Wind contains ingredients that may help soothe a dog’s stomach and reduce odours. Gently Baked Calm and Relax features ingredients that are linked to calming behaviour.

In each and every Wainwright’s recipe the ingredients are hypo-allergenic.

Claire Gavin, director of Private Brands & Innovation at Pets at Home, said: “The launch of the new Wainwright’s Gently Baked dog food is a fantastic addition to a growing range of diverse food on offer at Pets at Home.

“We are extremely proud of the new range that not only tastes great but looks to support any dogs suffering from mobility, skin or coat, stomach and those that are a little excitable and we are looking forward to hearing our customers’ feedback.”

The products, which are suitable for dogs over three months old, are now available at Pets at Home for an introductory price of £8.00.


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