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HOWND dry foam wash proves a hit in South Africa

HOWND has launched a new all-natural 4-in-1 Miracle Dry Foam Wash.

The fast-drying pH-balanced waterless foam safely lifts dirt and mud and will leave a dog’s coats clean, conditioned and smelling of aromatherapy oils within minutes.

Made with a vegan alternative to Keratin, it also helps remove static and tangles for a soft, easy to manage coat.

Miracle Dry comes in a 200ml bottle with foam pump. It is particularly useful in hot countries where water is often in short supply.

HOWND has just launched Miracle Dry Foam Wash in Cape Town, South Africa, where there is currently a Level 5 restriction on household water consumption (residents are limited to 87 litres per person per day in the Greater Cape Town area) due to a critical rainfall shortage.

“Since we have family in Cape Town, we’ve been visiting this wonderful city for the last 25 years”, explains Jo Amit, owner of HOWND.

“The dry season is always a worrying time for locals, especially in the last five years. We developed our first natural dry foam wash for some South African retailers, as dog owners are increasingly worried about bathing their pets and using excess water which can incur hefty fines”, says Jo.

Like all HOWND’s products, Miracle Dry Foam Wash is certified by Cruelty Free International, and endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation and The Ethical Company Organisation.



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