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UK vet holds seminars in Australia

Onswitch’s managing director Alison Lambert curated two full days of workshops, seminars and lectures at the Australian Veterinary Association’s Veterinary Business Group Summit in Melbourne.

This was Alison’s second consecutive year in attendance as a keynote speaker, and once again her insight and candour proved to be a big hit with delegates keen to pick up practical tips to help them make rapid yet effective improvements to their customer experience back in practice.

Over 200 delegates, primarily business owners and practice managers keen to learn from more mature veterinary markets, attended the VBG event ‘Building our Future Today’.

Alison said: “I always love working with Australian veterinary colleagues – they cut straight to the chase and aren’t afraid of hard work (just like me!).

“Each of my sessions at the VBG summit were grounded in evidence and data, helping practices equip themselves effectively to face the challenges ahead. The message was very much to look forward, not back – by delivering a consistently excellent customer experience any business will create a brighter future. Whether in Melbourne or Manchester the principles are the same, and if you need a little help to regain focus, the highly experienced team here at Onswitch are only a phone call away.”

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