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Ceva launches TV advertising campaign

In October 2017, Ceva Animal Health launches its largest ever TV advertising campaign. New commercials will focus on veterinary behaviour products, FELIWAY and ADAPTIL.

It is Ceva’s third TV campaign this year to raise awareness of the benefits of FELIWAY and ADAPTIL amongst pet owners. The campaign will begin on 3-16 October with a FELIWAY CLASSIC advertisement. It will be followed by an ADAPTIL advertisement until 30 October, timed for the run up to the firework season.

“Our autumn FELIWAY and ADAPTIL TV advertising campaign is our biggest, most extensive campaign to date. It demonstrates our commitment to raising awareness of how anxiety in pets can affect the relationship with their owners and how FELIWAY and ADAPTIL can help,” comments Claire Russell, product manager for FELIWAY and ADAPTIL at Ceva Animal Health.

The campaign will target 18.5 million pet owners and will air on all the C4 channels, including Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, Drama, Good Food, Really, W and Home. Two spots will be within the TV show Great British Bake Off, which has 6.7 million viewers.

The 30 second TV advertisements will feature the real-life story of Cassius Disco the rescue cat and his owners, and Finley the dog and his owners. Cassius Disco’s owners had carried out a lot of work on the house and had recently had a baby causing Cassius to become tense.

The TV advertisement shows Cassius after using the FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser in the household and his owners describing how he had become happier, more confident and less stressed around the baby. Finley’s advertisement focuses on his firework fears and how an ADAPTIL Diffuser helped to calm and reassure him while fireworks were going off in the neighbourhood.

The TV advertising campaign will be supported by a Sky Adsmart and social media campaign for ADAPTIL.

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