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Natures Menu launches True Instinct brand

Manufacturer of raw food, Natures Menu, has announced the launch of an entirely new brand; True Instinct.  

This latest addition to the Natures Menu portfolio, which is available to pre-order by specialist retailers, will see the company venture into the dry nutrition category for the first time, following a £2.8million investment in freeze-dried technology.

True Instinct specialises in a complete and balanced range of grain and gluten free, natural raw and raw-inspired products. Its brand new range will offer nutritional, complete and balanced frozen raw, freeze-dried raw and high meat fillets for both cats and dogs.

True Instinct will offer every meal across the formats in a variety of premium quality deboned meats, with vegetables, botanicals and superfoods and no artificial colours flavours or preservatives. The range will be available for Adult Dog, Small Adult Breeds, Puppy and Adult Cat across a number of variants.

Raw Boost

Raw Boost aims to combine Natures Menu’s expertise in raw with the convenience of dry. The brand-new concept Raw Boost is the result of a partnership with dry food experts Affinity Petcare. Combining a high meat bite with a freeze dried raw meat nugget the product offers the benefits of raw meat ingredients surrounded by a blend of meat, fresh vegetables and botanicals.

Next in the range, True Instinct High Meat Fillets is the brand’s wet food offering, made up of premium steam-cooked shredded meat and fish fillets. The Adult Dog and Adult Small Breed Dog varieties contain 80 percent deboned human grade meat, with the Adult Cat variety containing 90 percent deboned human grade meat and fish.

Raw Bites

Finally, True Instinct Raw Bites falls under the frozen raw category, bringing Natures Menu’s raw expertise to the forefront. As with all products in the range, each variety of Raw Bites contains at least 80 percent deboned meat with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and includes a wide range of suitable ingredients. The product will be available in Adult Dog, Adult Small Breed Dog, Puppy and Adult Cat varieties.

Craig Taylor, managing director of Natures Menu, said: “The launch of True Instinct comes after a £2.8millon investment and more than two years of research and product development, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

“We recognised the dry nutrition category was an area to break into and set new standards using our raw expertise, and we are now the first pet food company in the UK to invest in a freeze-dried range.

“Raw feeding has shown to have numerous health benefits for pets but we understand the convenience aspect of dry food can be more appealing for certain pet owners.

“With True Instinct and Raw Boost in particular, we’ve created the ultimate high-meat protein product with the power and taste of raw in every bite and we truly believe it will revolutionise the way people feed their pets and drive incremental growth in both the raw and dry categories.”

Retailers wanting to find out more information about the new True Instinct range can email or phone 0800 0183770.

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