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VET Fest returns for another year

One of the most anticipated events in the veterinary CPD calendar, VET Festival, will return to the field at Loseley Park in Surrey on 8 and 9 June 2018 to continue its mission to break the mould for the delivery of veterinary education.

Offering one of the most inspiring CPD programmes, VET Festival will provide delegates with 20 different subject areas of practically relevant learning material that will enhance the lives of companion animal veterinary professionals and their patients whilst enjoying a sense of genuine comradery.

The unique outdoor environment and festival atmosphere will encourage delegates to talk about challenging issues and reflect on whether a career in veterinary medicine is all they thought and hoped it would be.

VET Festival is set to deliver Veterinary Education for Tomorrow whilst creating and nurturing a community of compassionate veterinary professionals, where joy and fun is equal and integral to the forward-thinking CPD experience.

The 2018 CPD programme will be delivered by pioneering, internationally renowned opinion leaders who
have walked the walk and performed hundreds of the procedures they will be lecturing about.

They are some of the most published authors in the world and are incredibly experienced in their specialist field, and will bring to VET Festival their skill, knowledge, innovation and passion for all delegates’ daily working lives.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, who founded VET Festival, said, “We all feel the stresses and strains of
failure, financial stress, management challenges, difficult inter-personal relationships, self-confidence, ego,
fear and even depression.

“We lose our connectedness to each other and to our profession. The world of companion animal veterinary medicine is changing so fast in terms of business models, financial concerns, client demands and an explosion of knowledge, techniques and drug availability. It can be overwhelming. VET Festival isn’t just about Veterinary Education for Tomorrow – it’s about looking after each other.

“It’s about saying I care. It’s about sharing the pain of the failure and the joy of the success as a group with speakers who have travelled that road and not just learnt it from a book. It’s about sitting side by side in the fresh air learning relevant material that can not only enhance the lives of our patients, but our own lives and our profession too.

“It’s about standing side by side enjoying great live music and a sense of comradery that feels real and unforced, that feels genuine and feeds the soul. We seek to change the paradigm by which we learn, by which we interact with each other and how we feel about ourselves. It is time as a profession that we looked after each other more and where the effort and the money we put into our education and our networking with friends and colleagues goes back to help the
animals we signed up to help in the first place.

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