Firework season causes anxiety for pet owners

Ceva Animal Health has revealed that nearly 65 percent of owners are anxious about their pet while fireworks are going off. A poll from the manufacturer of ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY®, questioned 479 dog and cat parents in August 2017. 

Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed stated that they try and calm their pets if they are anxious while fireworks are going off. Over 50 per cent of owners said they enjoy fireworks less due to their pet’s fear.

Andrew Fullerton MRCVS, behaviour technical manager at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “The firework season is a stressful time for both the nation’s pets and their owners, however owners should act normally around their pets and try to keep as calm as possible to help them feel more settled.  

“Overly fussing a pet that appears frightened will reinforce this behaviour.  Instead owners should try and distract pets with a toy or game.

“Building a den for a dog and a hideaway for a cat a few weeks in advance will give pets a safe place to retreat to when fireworks start.  Plugging in an ADAPTIL or FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser close to the den will help them feel secure and create a calm environment for them to retreat to.   

“Ceva also has a list of top 10 tips to give to owners (along with the diffuser) around firework time.

Ceva is offering retailers a comprehensive marketing pack to help educate and support customers with noise sensitive pets in the run up to the firework season.  

The pack features a 60-minute video, a range of marketing material including leaflets, leaflet holders, posters, wall displays and a PR toolkit to support PR campaigns, copy for websites and newsletters and suggested social media posts for Twitter and Facebook.

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