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Natural Instinct introduces two new products in time for PATS Telford

Pet food brand Natural Instinct has launched two new products in the run up to September’s PATS Telford trade show.

Pure Offal is a new complementary addition to diets. Natural Instinct’s new Pure Offal mix contains 100 percent British – Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and Beef Spleen mixed in suitable ratios for raw feeders. Offal is a source of nutrients and is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All offal is a rich source of iron.

Organ meat contains Vitamin A and Spleen is high in naturally occurring Vitamin C. Kidney is a source of Vitamins A, D, E and K and B group Vitamins all need for good health as well as being rich in iron and zinc.

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Offal is generally very rich and should be limited to 10 percent of the daily diet and, of that offal, no more than 50 percent should be liver. Some dogs find even a small amount of offal too rich which is why Natural Instinct do not automatically add ten percent of offal to all of their recipes but give customers the freedom to add this according to their dog’s palate and gut tolerance.

Fish fingers

Fish Fingers is a new treat for dogs and cats made using 100 percent Coley Fillet. Coley is a member of the cod family, also known as ‘the coal fish’ for its distinctive dark coal coloured skin. Rich in lean protein, coley is naturally high in the minerals Selenium and Iodine this food supports a healthy functioning thyroid. Coley is also rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acid. 

Due to the fishy smell, Fish Fingers should help owners’ hold their dog’s focus. 100g packs are sold at £3.50.

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