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Vetbed® launches new Non-Slip Christmas design

Suitable for all life stages of dogs, cats and house rabbits, Petlife International’s Non-Slip Vetbed® bedding range is a solution for providing warmth and comfort, and the Christmas 2017 range is now available.

The range incudes a Snowman and paws design with a charcoal background, stockings and paws design on a green background, and new for this season, white snowflake design with a light blue background.

The limited-edition bedding is wrapped with brand new festive packaging making it easier to display as well as easier for the consumer to identify on the shelf.

Manufactured in the UK from two types of specially developed polyester, Vetbed® is characterised by its higher bulk, greater resilience and heat retaining properties. The material also has unique draining capabilities to ensure pets remain dry and warm even if spillages or accidents occur.

Not only that, the Vetbed® material is hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic. The Christmas designs join the non-slip range, ideal for use on polished floors and tiles.

These unique benefits do not compromise the luxurious feel and comfort of the bedding, nor its durability. The bedding is fully machine-washable and can be washed time and time again, while still maintaining its comfort and strength.

Vetbed® is made in the UK and available from Petlife International. To find out more and to order the Christmasstock in time for a busy winter season, contact 01284 761131 or visit

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