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Natures Menu celebrates Puppy Awareness Week

Natures Menu is celebrating with Puppy Awareness Week alongside partner Puppy School with puppy graduation classes across the UK.

Puppy Awareness Week is a Kennel Club initiative which aims to make sure that puppies live healthy, happy lives by spreading the ‘be puppy aware’ message.

To mark this week , Natures Menu has been rewarding puppy graduates with tasty nutritious treats and offering advice to puppy parents on responsible raw feeding and how to provide a complete and balanced diet as they grow into dog-hood.

The groups of puppies and their owners have spent the last 12 weeks learning obedience, socialising and learning all about nutrition.

Craig Taylor, managing director at Natures Menu said: “Congratulations to everyone graduating from Puppy Schools across the UK – a fantastic initiative which highlights the importance of responsible puppy ownership and nutrition.

“Taking on a new puppy can be a busy and exciting time and with everything else you have to look at, researching the right diet can feel like information overload! At Natures Menu we like to keep it simple and wholesome with a range of raw and natural dog foods that are perfect for puppies and super gentle on little tums.

“With the help of our team of vets we have put together a feeding guide on weaning puppies onto the raw diet and through our sponsorship of Puppy School we are working towards educating new puppy owners on the benefits of natural and raw feeding.”

Gwen  Bailey, Founder of Puppy School said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating the graduation of some of our amazing classes of 2017 – they’ve achieved so much in just 6 weeks and are a credit to the tutors  and the puppies owners who have worked so hard. We look forward to hearing how they progress after their graduation.

“Working with Natures Menu has enabled us to inform and educate puppy parents on the importance of nutrition and the benefits of raw feeding. I’ve personally seen some amazing results in some puppies and adults when they switch to raw and I’m a complete convert myself after feeding this to my previous dogs and now my new puppy.  They do so well on it that I, personally, wouldn’t feed anything else now.”

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