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Cotswold RAW introduces new, natural food supplements

Pet food producer Cotswold RAW has announced a brand new venture. Co-founders Mark and Chris are adding ‘all-natural’ supplements to their range for dogs.

The new plan marks the next step in Cotswold RAW’s expansion. Over the last few years the company has added ‘at-one-with-nature’ treats including: Chicken Jerky, Lamb’s Ears, Duck’s Feet and Venison Bites, to its established selection of sausages and mince. 

The new four-strong selection of ‘all-natural herb blends’ launches this autumn. Cotswold RAW believes the products will appeal to accomplished dog breeders and time poor pet owners looking to add a little extra zip to their hound’s daily diet.

The assortment will feature:

  • Butcher’s Blend: a natural pick-me-up made from nettle leaf, spirulina, turmeric, flax seed, kelp, thyme, dandelions and cayenne peppers and alfalfa.”
  • “Diatrum: a natural blend of turmeric and diatomaceous earth to assist long-term gut health.”
  • “Shepherd’s Mix: a high in dietary fibre blend to maintain shining coats and a well-maintained digestive system.”
  • “Cotswold Joint Care: to ensure the ongoing regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluids.”

“There’s no denying we’re very excited,’ concludes co-founder Mark Lewis, “to put our name behind a well-rounded supplements selection that further enhances our ongoing commitment to happier, healthier pets.”

Each supplement comes in 250g, 500g and 1kg pots. Prices start at £12.95.

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