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Fitzpatrick Referrals appoints Dr Jonathan Bray

Dr Jonathan Bray has joined Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue in Guildford, Surrey as Senior Surgeon in Oncology and Soft Tissue.

After a three-month sabbatical working at Fitzpatrick Referrals, Jonathan has relocated from New Zealand to Guildford to join the Oncology and Soft Tissue team. Jonathan, most recently Head of the Companion Animal Group at Massey University, adds further weight to the team of world-class specialists and their supporting patient care team to enhance knowledge on animal cancer, and provide the best possible treatment options and care for their patients.

Jonathan said, “My prime passion is working directly with animals and their families in a supportive and exceptional clinical setting. I enjoy pushing boundaries and not accepting the status quo. I want to identify better ways of improving outcomes for patients, and minimising the impact of the disease (or its treatment) on an animal’s quality of life. My sabbatical at Fitzpatrick Referrals exposed me to their tremendous energy and real passion for patient and client care.

“From the moment the clients walk in the door, I feel there is an embrace that lets people know we truly care and want to do the best for their animal friend. I am looking forward to discovering what we can achieve together. Cancer management is such an important opportunity, with the power to change both animal and human lives positively. The direction and focus of Fitzpatrick Referrals in this area is already incredibly exciting.”

Clinical Director of Oncology and Soft Tissue, Professor Nick Bacon adds, “On Jon’s first day of his sabbatical, he jumped right into the team and made an immediate positive impact. He hasn’t looked back. He carries with him such a good energy, which we all absorb and hopefully reflect back. His knowledge of implant design for dealing with defects in the mandible and elsewhere is exceptional and I am looking forward to watching that develop.

“I am also very pleased that Jon’s wife Sharyn is able to join the team; she is very experienced in the field of advanced imaging in humans, including Fluoroscopy and PET-CT. This is already benefitting our patients as we improve our diagnostic and treatment abilities, and get ready for the future.”

Jonathan has active research interests in several clinical areas including soft tissue sarcoma, injection-site sarcoma, endoprosthetics and haemangiosarcoma. He also supports the concept of One Medicine as his PhD research into soft tissue sarcoma, haemangiosarcoma and endoprosthetics has a potential relevance in improving the understanding of treatment paradigms for humans and animals.

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