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Pet company donates products to robbed pet shop

Lennox UK Ltd & Pet’s Up Products Ltd has donated a pallet of stock to Cheshire Pet Supplies, who had £60,000 of products stolen.

After seeing the story in Pet Gazette, the company decided to offer products to the family-run pet shop as a gesture of goodwill.

The pet firm has donated a box of each product stocked by Cheshire Pet Supplies as well as a box of new products from Pet’s Up.

Andres Rodriguez, director of Pet’s Up Products Limited said: “I can only imagine what the shop and the family is going through right now.

“We want to try and help the family to try and rebuild the business and move forward. We feel that by stocking/offering our products, Cheshire Pet Supplies has been supporting us all along and now there is an opportunity to give some support back.

“We also hope others do the same.

“This is just attempt to help them to stand up on their feet again, hopefully others would feel the same and act. I feel it is only fair to give something back to the people that support what we do day in, day out.”

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