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Beaphar releases new pocket-sized Tick Removal Kit

Beaphar has released a new pocket-sized Tick Removal Kit, containing Beaphar Tick Away and the Beaphar TickBoy®.

Affecting lots of animals, including cats, dogs and humans, ticks are an unwelcome and often dangerous parasite that can be difficult to remove. There are 23 different kinds of tick in the UK and over 800 worldwide.

ESCCAP estimates that around 15 percent of ticks carry Lyme Disease, which can cause lifelong health complications in both humans and pets.

It combines the Beaphar Tick Away, a non-toxic spray that freezes ticks, with a brand new, unique and patented tool, the Beaphar TickBoy®. Suitable for all sizes of tick, the Beaphar TickBoy® has been designed with the aim of making removing ticks easier for pet owners.

As well as spreading disease, incomplete or incorrect removal of a tick can lead to the mouthparts being left behind, which can cause infections and abscesses. The Beaphar TickBoy®’s V-shaped hook exerts no pressure on the body of the tick, helping to prevent it from regurgitating into the affected animal. It also reduces the risk of leaving parts of the tick behind.

Small and compact, the Beaphar Tick Removal Kit can fit in a pocket or bag. Beaphar is offering eye-catching in-store support, such as bus stops that sit prominently alongside the product on shelf, grabbing customers’ attention and encouraging them to put the product in their basket.

The company also offers AMTRA accredited, online training for its retailers, which is available in its trade zone via

To stock the Beaphar Tick Removal Kit, or any other products from the Beaphar Range, contact your local sales executive or call the customer service team on 0333 0066236 or email for further information.

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