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Animal nutritionist stars in Fish4Dogs’ video series

The scent of fish appeals to dogs, claims a new video series from independent Worcestershire-based company Fish4Dogs.

In the company’s recently released second set of videos, animal nutritionist and physiology expert David Southey BSc explains that the aroma of fish can create a sense ‘explosion’ for dogs.

He says fish qualifies as a ‘superfood’ due to its nutrients and associated health benefits to dogs, including coat and skin condition, joint and digestive health and how it can address food sensitivities.

Mr Southey adds: “Everyone knows how important smell is to dogs. Dogs have 10 sq cms of smell receptors per kilo of body weight, compared to a measly 0.2 in humans, so clearly smell is a powerful sense for dogs, and just as with humans, it’s clearly linked to taste.

“Just think how you can’t taste anything when you have a cold. Foods made from fish tend to have a stronger smell making them particularly appealing to dogs.

“The second factor is the umami taste. Dogs can detect the usual bitter, sour, salty and sweet flavours. However, dogs are very well able to detect the umami taste. This fifth taste has been described in humans as a satisfying savoury taste, and this is very strong in fish.”

The complete video: Why Fish Based Dog Food Is Good can be seen on the Fish4Dogs YouTube channel:

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