Scruffs’® re-vamped winter pet bedding to be revealed at PATS

Manchester-based pet bed specialist Scruffs® is set to completely re-vamp its winter product range in time for PATS® Telford 2017 this September.

Scruffs® will launch a new set of Thermal Dog Jackets in time for the upcoming season in various colourways and styles, after the initial successful 2016 launch in navy blue.

As part of the new line-up, the Scruffs® Thermal Jackets will be available in the following styles later this year: Chocolate, Cajun Grey, Calamity Jane, Cajun Purple, Burgundy and Black. Pricing for the jackets will start at £23.99 (RRP) and they will be available in nine sizes to suit different types of breeds.

Scruffs® group sales director, Dubby Klyne said: “The Thermal series of bedding is one of, if not, the best-selling product collection throughout the winter months for us. It only makes sense to strengthen this range by giving our end consumers more variety when it comes to keeping their dogs warm during the cold season.”

Self-Heating Pet Beds

The Scruffs® Thermal, Self-Heating Pet Beds feature a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the bed’s main fill. It reflects body heat back to its user, keeping the pet warm. The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super soft fleece cover this layer holds warm air around the pet providing added insulation.

As part of the new-look winter collection, Scruffs® is adding to its Siberian Collection. The Scruffs® Siberian Collection is designed with a faux fur and fleece, offering the ultimate comfort during those cold nights. Scruffs® is adding soft-walled beds to this range later in the year, to compliment the mattress selection already available.

Scruffs® is also set to launch a brand new ‘chew-resistant’ bedding collection at the show this year. The company says the collection is designed to be resilient to scratching and chewing and features a heavy duty ballistic fabric to achieve this.


The 1680 Denier ballistic material maximises the beds resilience against scratching and chewing. The material is backed with a 100 percent waterproof laminate, making the bed ideal for use outdoors or in kennels. The outer cover includes double-stitched re-enforced seams, further increasing the products durability. The ballistic cover forms a protective shield around the entire bed, including the base.

A hidden Velcro-fastened opening on the underside of the bed ensures a quick and easy removal of the beds foam core before washing. The Scruffs® ArmourDillo bed is available in two sizes and two colours.

For more information on the Scruffs® Winter collection or for general enquiries, contact the Scruffs® marketing team on +44 (0) 161 702 5060.


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