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Instagram boosts sales of pet products

UK pet owners seeking Instagram fame for their cats and dogs are responsible for a rise in sales of animal grooming products and accessories, according to leading retailer Argos.

Ssales of premium grooming products at Argos have risen by  163 percent, compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, pet accessories have risen by 13 percent, suggesting that pet owners are investing in props to make their furry-themed posts even more shareable.

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Whilst dogs ‘lead’ the way on total accessories spend, cat accessories have seen the biggest growth in sales at 19 percent over the last twelve months.

This rise in sales has been associated with the increasing trend of ‘pet-working’, where social media channels are created by owners on behalf of their pets.

On Instagram, the hashtag #dogsofinstagram has attracted over 70 million posts, whilst #catsofinstagram boasts over 60 million.

Animals on social media now attract larger followings than some celebrities, with pets such as Boo the Pomeranian attracting over 16 million followers on Facebook.

And on Instagram, Doug the Pug and Grumpy Cat command over two million followers each.

Emma Carter, pet care buyer at Argos, said: “Whilst the UK has always been a nation of pet lovers, the rise of social media has really taken our obsession to another level. This is reflected in the huge increase we’ve seen in pet product purchases over the last twelve months alone.

“It’s great to see so many people documenting the antics of their beloved pets and sharing these moments on their social channels. With pets now dominating newer social networks such as Snapchat, the ‘pet-working’ trend isn’t slowing down any time soon.”

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