Arcadia Reptile expands range for exotic pets

Arcadia Reptile has released a selection of brand new products for its EarthPro exotic pet range. Each ‘all natural’ product uses as many organic human grade ingredients as possible.

John Courteney-Smith, head of science and innovation at Arcadia Reptile, said: “This has been a very long project for us, as such I am delighted to be able to release what I feel could be one of the most important nutritional ranges onto the market.”

A5 printed EarthPro brochures are available on request. Information on EarthPro-A and EarthPro-CalciumProMg is also available in video format online: and

The EarthPro range now includes:


This brand new and all natural powdered food is specifically designed for Crested, Giant and Gargoyle Geckos. It can also be used to feed many species of Phelsuma ‘Day Geckos’. It is a rich whole powdered diet that is simply mixed with cool water into a thick nutrient rich fluid.

EarthPro-StickyFootGold contains five species of insect including calciworms and silk worms, fruits, flowers, bee pollen, real honey and hibiscus flowers alongside a probiotic to help digestive health. Each ingredient was selected after long research to help mimic the wild diets of this group of animals.


EarthPro-InsectiGold is an insect rich whole diet for insectivores. This mix follows on from EarthPro-OmniGold by delivering high quality, whole food goodness to those species that require a little more in the way of insect content (over 40 percent).

EarthMix-InsectiGold is simply mixed with hot water and left to set into a natural and easy to feed gel. It can be used for insect eating species including the Bearded Dragon, many of the Chameleons, and some species of Monitor Lizard, Agamid, Ground Gecko and with some large amphibians.

EarthPro-InsectiGold increases dietary variety in any insect eating pet as it seeks to replicate wild feeding.


A ‘wild-like’ natural small pelleted diet for amphibians including Axolotls, Clawed frogs, Newts and Salamanders. This easy to feed diet is made from a wealth of all natural ingredients including; 60 percent+ invert and fish protein from freshwater fish meal, earth worms, snails, bloodworm, brine shrimp, daphnia, plants and a natural probiotic.

EarthPro-AmphibiGold seeks to replicate food items commonly found in the wild and also contains Vitamin A and D3 from a natural fish source. 


These five dedicated wholefood DIY jelly pots are for making up by the customer at home. They simply measure out the powder that they need, add hot water as indicated, refrigerate and feed.

The EarthPro-JellyPotGold range uses very high quantities of whole fruits, real honey, bee pollen, insects and plants to ensure that the Jelly Pots are as nutritious as possible and consists of five wholefood recipes.

The starter kit comes with two variants of the powder, reusable pots, shaker bottle, feeding ledge and a measuring spoon.


EarthMix-Arid has been formulated to suit the ‘wild-like’ needs of animals from the world’s more ‘arid’ terrains. These ecosystems include those referred to as being; arid, scrubland, savanna and emergent desert.

EarthMix-Arid uses ‘EarthMix’ as a base with an added 30 percent certified ‘organic’ Scottish volcanic rock dust that is natural, mineral positive and sourced from an ethical Scottish source.

EarthMix-Arid is a clean, safe to use substrate with no non-natural particulates.  

EarthMix-Arid will allow the keeper to grow plants that are adapted to these arid regions and will also help to provide nutritional, mental and physical enrichment for animals through natural digging and food collection.

EarthMix-Arid is suitable for use with any species from dry scrubland areas such as; Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Bosc and other Monitors, Agamas from arid or scrubland areas, Sandfish and other scrubland lizards, scrubland tortoises, scrubland dwelling snakes and inverts from arid terrain.


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