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Arcadia launches free in-store booklet

Arcadia, the provider of innovative pet care solutions, has announced the launch of a free booklet which will be given away to pet stores.

The fact-packed hand out aims to educate the public on reptile health. Readers will receive easy-to-understand information in areas such as accurate nutritional supply and everyday mineral and vitamin provision.

The company states: “Arcadia Reptile are dedicated to ever improving animal welfare, as such we are delighted to announce a series of ‘free’ educational and product related A5 colour brochures within the UK pet trade.

“These detailed brochures, the first covering our ‘All-Natural’ EarthPro range of supplements and foods are available to UK reptile and pet stores on request from Monkfield Nutrition.”

John Courteney-Smith MRSB, head of science and innovation at Arcadia Reptile, added; “Improving welfare standards is paramount, as such we are seeking to educate both the trader and the consumer so that they can buy and use the most suitable products for the ‘Wild-Like’ needs of their pets.”

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