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Retailer launches new ‘find my pet’ app

Pets at Home has launched an innovative 24 hour pet finding service, Find My VIP, that allows lost pet alerts to be sent via the Pets at Home app, making printing off lost pet posters a thing of the past.

The app works by using Pets at Home’s VIP Club, consisting of 5 million members, who effectively become one huge search party. 

To use the service, owners simply need to purchase a Find My VIP collar ID from their local Pets at Home store or online at, and register the unique 8 digit ID on the tag online or via the Pets at Home app, which is free to download, to activate it. 

If the worst happens and a pet goes missing, you can immediately then send out an alert to VIP members in your local area notifying them. They will receive a notification with your pet’s missing information including a photo of your pet, their name, breed, temperament and last known location. 

Peter Pritchard, CEO of Retail, said: “Find My VIP is a revolutionary service, the first of its kind in the UK, that will give owners peace of mind. If the unthinkable happens and your pet goes missing then you know you can rely on a network of more than 5 million pet owners to help find your pet quickly.”

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