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ROYAL CANIN® makes every cat and dog a TV star

A new initiative from ROYAL CANIN® places cats and dogs centre stage in an interactive social video. The company allows pet owners to instantly personalise scenes with their own four legged companion.

The video is part of a new educational awareness initiative. The brand aims to help owners better understand their pet’s needs by showing what makes each animal uniquely different.

The #FeedTheirNature customisable video takes pet owners on a trip through ROYAL CANIN®’s headquarters in Aimargues, southern France. It takes only a few minutes for pet owners to upload a photo of their dog or cat along with the pet’s name. Once the video is accepted and rendered, pet owners will be able to see their dog or cat in two select scenes.

“We understand how much people love their pets, but no matter how well we think we know them, dogs and cats can never really tell us what they need. Science and observation help fill this communication gap,” said Clare Hemmings, Scientific Communications Manager at ROYAL CANIN®.

“The video is an exciting way to personalise the relationship between pets and people in a different way – by emphasising the unique, individual nature and needs of dogs and cats.”

 Consumers can create their personalised #FeedTheirNature video from June 5 to July 16 at Programme terms and conditions apply. Participating pet owners are encouraged to use the hashtag #FeedTheirNature to share the video with friends and family across their social channels.

The #FeedTheirNature video and “Feed Their Nature. Not Yours.” initiative is rolling out in markets around the world, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.



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