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Ziwi welcomes survey on benefits of high meat pet diets

New Zealand pet food brand, Ziwi, has welcomed new research that backs high meat content diets for dogs.  

Ziwi (formerly called ZiwiPeak) says new independent research which shows that feeding dogs a high meat diet delivers health benefits.

The New Zealand study undertaken by AgResearch and Massey University found a high meat diet is a good choice for dogs’ wellbeing as it is easily digested with increased nutrient absorption.

High meat diets were also found to deliver other benefits according to the research, including supporting bone and joint health, dental health, the immune system and overall vitality.

Ziwi’s general manager – marketing, Michael Dance, welcomed the research which underpins the Ziwi philosophy.

“The study highlighted the many benefits of feeding a high meat diet. If we look to nature and the dog’s origins we can see they are not meant to be eating carbohydrates and grains.

“The study investigated the foods different bacteria digest in a dog’s gut. It clearly showed the majority of bacteria found are biologically designed for meat digestion. As a result a dog can more readily absorb the nutrients in meat than in carbohydrates and grains.

“While dogs on a high meat diet have better overall health, this particularly relates to faecal health, a bonus for owners is smaller stools as the body’s absorption rate is so much higher,” said Mr Dance.

New products

To add to the Ziwi range of New Zealand meat products, two new flavours have just been launched – Blue Mackerel & Lamb for dogs and cats, and Tripe & Lamb for dogs. The Blue Mackerel and Lamb variety recently won the best new cat product at PATS Sandown for Ziwi and Natural Pet Products Ltd. who distribute the brand in the UK.

Blue Mackerel and Lamb for dogs and cats contains wild-caught New Zealand Blue Mackerel, high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which support skin, coat and joint health. The second new variant, Tripe and Lamb for dogs, contains cold-washed green tripe, which is a natural source of probiotics and beneficial gut enzymes to help digestion and palatability.

Ziwi’s ingredients, sourced from New Zealand’s pastures and oceans, are gently air dried without artificial additives.

Both of the new flavours are available in air-dried packs and can variants. Like all Ziwi products, they are sourced from free range producers and are free of grains, rice, corn, soy, wheat, sugars, preservatives, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics and rendered meats.


The entire range has been rebranded to Ziwi and is sporting a refreshed new-look pack. All recipes have been enhanced to deliver higher meat content – 98 percent for air dried and more than 92 percent for the canned moist range.

All products are carefully prepared in Ziwi’s boutique facility in Mount Maunganui.

Ziwi is committed to sourcing ingredients from only humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms.


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