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Huxley Hound joins forces with Natural Pet Products Ltd

Huxley Hound has announced that it will be working with holistic pet food provider Natural Pet Products Limited. The latter has begun listing all four of Huxley’s veggie treat pouches: beetroot, sweet potato, carrot and parsnip.

Huxley co-founder, Mike Deane, commented: “We’re always on the lookout for like-minded partners with a strong ethical agenda.  Natural Pet Products are a leading light within the UK’s holistic independent pet sector who can provide us with a national platform to promote our healthier treats message.”

Huxley was set up in 2016. Backed by the bio-science department of Nottingham University and accredited by the Vegetarian Society, the husband and wife team are committed to championing the nutritional benefits of a ‘veg-friendly’ diet.  

Huxley supports the view that dogs have always benefitted from a balanced meat and veg diet, though a hound’s anatomy means they’ve never been very efficient when it comes to extracting the all-important minerals and vitamins contained within root veg. The business believes its dehydration process means that it’s now perfectly plausible to nudge all the essential goodness to a place (the surface) where dogs can enjoy full nutritional access.

Huxley has continued to grow, recently adding Denmark to its list of export destinations. For more information go to 

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