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Loose Women debate causes controversy

A debate on day-time TV show Loose Women has sparked debate amongst pet owners.

Discussing the topic of pet obesity, the ladies considered whether it was the fault of the owner and whether it should be considered animal cruelty if a pet is overweight.

Panellist Nadia Sawahla caused a twitter debate when she stated: “I’m quite extreme, I only feed my dogs raw meat.

“Bones, everything. They get whole chicken legs raw because cooked bones are dangerous, but raw are not. If you think about it, what do dogs eat in the wild? I’ve done a lot of research into this and pet food has sugar and salt. It’s like children eating processed food.

“Physiologically they’re the same as a wild dog.”

Many Twitter users took to the platform to voice their opinions both pro and against the feeding.

Sarah Cooke @cookiejar97 said: “So pleased to see Nadia on @loosewomen promoting raw feeding! Raw is always best over kibble (aka pet junk food) #loosewomen”

Tracy Trolley @TrolleyTracy also agreed saying “Yes all dogs should be fed raw it’s so much better for them.”

Whilst other were not so keen.
Charlie Folkes‏ @charliefolkes said: “Disappointed that scientifically formulated veterinary pet food diets are being dismissed in favour of raw diets by @loosewomen #loosewomen”
Lauren Skarratts @Lauren185_ also said: “What’s she chatting thinking she knows everything about raw food for dogs? No one knows enough about it for it to be given #LooseWomen”

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