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Henry Wag announces rebrand

Pet accessories manufacturer, Henry Wag, has rebranded.

Henry Wag ‘s range of products is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of pets and simplify pet ownership. The new branding of the Henry Wag range is positioned to demonstrate how its products will enhance the lifestyle of pets and their owners as well as positively influence how parents care for their pets.

For example, the Henry Wag dog ramp offers senior dogs or those with mobility issues the freedom to climb in and out of the car with ease. The ramp benefits the owner, who no longer needs to lift their dog into the car, and  also helps the dog to maintain its independence whilst avoiding any pain and discomfort. 

Likewise, the new Henry Wag Microfibre Cleaning Glove and Towels, which are launched this month, allow owners to effectively remove water, mud and dirt from their dog’s coat and paws after a walk.  

To enhance the new brand position, Henry Wag has a new logo designed to have personality and be friendly and fun with new brand colours which are sophisticated, assured and confident.

All Henry Wag products will be repackaged with focus given to increasing customer awareness of the features and benefits of the products and presented in an aspirational lifestyle design.

Existing Henry Wag products are being manufactured in the new packaging and will be available to order from the end of June. Further details can be found at

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