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Chris Pratt pranks exotic pet shop

Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt has been involved in a prank phone call to a Dunstable based pet shop.

BBC Radio 1 host Matt Edmondson challenged Pratt to call an exotic pet shop and start each sentence with the next letter of the alphabet, in a game called alphabeticall.

Wrigglies Exotic Pets was targeted by the show as the Star Lord asked about his ‘stick bug’.

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Hazel Darton, who had to deal with call said: “It was weird that they chose us out of all the pet shops. It was nice to be involved though.

“I think the phone call went well, I spoke to the DJ who told me I remained very calm. I tried to explain that owning four exotic pet shops, they have not heard weird.

“Working in retail for 17 years, I’ve heard and seen everything! You have to remain professional in every situation, it’s my job even if he was asking ridiculous questions.”

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