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Pooch & Mutt expands to French supermarkets

In April 2017, dog health food brand, Pooch & Mutt, launched a select range of products in 40 Casino supermarkets across France.

The expansion into France is part of Pooch & Mutt’s global growth and international exposure strategy. The large supermarket chain now stocks a select range of Pooch & Mutt products, including:

  • 1kg Calm & Relaxed and Health & Digestion grain-free dry dog foods
  • Puppy Pocket packs
  • Daily Dental and Calming Crunchies 80g treat packs

Pooch & Mutt’s grain-free functional food range is made up of a 45 percent single protein source, with natural ingredients and supplements ‘built in’.  

Function is at the core of the products, with the powerful ingredients working very clearly to target current health concerns in the dog population, such as weight gain, excitable behaviour, and bad breath.

Commenting on the recent launch, founder Guy Blaskey said: “We are very pleased to be teaming up with Casino in the quest to make more healthier options available for more dogs than ever before.

“It’s a great achievement for Pooch & Mutt, we are now one step closer to our goal of helping dogs lead happy and healthy lives on an international scale.”

Pooch & Mutt’s range of products are PETA accredited and free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, and GM produce.

For more information on Pooch & Mutt’s product range, call 02030 111 567 or visit


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