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Eukanuba launches Breed-o-pedia

Eukanuba has launched a new Breed-o-pedia, in a bid to help owners find the perfect breed for them.

A recent report by the PFMA1 revealed that the top reasons for people not owning a pet is because they are worried about the space they have available in their homes and whether their lifestyle is suitable enough.

Eukanuba’s Breed-o-pedia allows users to search by breed name, size, and type allowing them to find the right breed for their lifestyle and living arrangements.

Commenting on the launch, Kellie Ceccarelli said, “Dogs make a great addition to the home but it’s important to help potential owners ensure that the breed they choose is suited to them.

Puppies might look small but some dogs like the Saint Bernard can grow to a large size and therefore aren’t suitable for flats or smaller homes.

“Others, like huskies and border collies, require a lot of exercise so aren’t the best choice for those who are away a lot in the day or are less mobile.

“By helping to support customers with sound advice you’ll not only ensure a happy and healthy relationship between the owner and their dog but also pet welfare.

“In order for dogs to thrive it’s important that they are looked after in the best way possible.”

For more information on Eukanuba’s Breed-o-pedia visit

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