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World Feeds launches HolidayGRAZER

The new HolidayGRAZER by the UK fish nutrition innovator, World Feeds, allows fish to be fed regularly for up to seven days while their keepers are away from home. 

The new Vitalis HolidayGRAZER has been designed to provide locked-in high quality nutrition in an aquarium for seven days using World Feeds’ unique soft, stable, non-dissolving gel technology which does not allow feed to break up into the water. This feature maintains water quality and reduces waste.

The food remains soft, allowing fish of every size to graze throughout a week, ensuring the correct amount of high quality nutrition is provided for all tropical and freshwater species whilst owners are on holiday, with uneaten food removed on return.

Not a replacement for complete fish food, the HolidayGRAZER nutrition comprises natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, formulated to keep fish in good health when hobbyists are absent.

The HolidayGRAZER is sold in pouches, two in small inner foil packs, from which each is easily removed, attached to the suction fitting provided, and then pressed firmly onto the glass halfway down inside the aquarium.

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