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Shoplifter drove with pet shop worker clinging to his car

A retired man has been jailed for stealing from a pet shop which ended in him driving with a member of staff clinging to his car bonnet.

Sidney Turton reversed his car into Andrew Dukes, a Pets at Home worker, when Mr Dukes suspected him of theft, reports York Press.

Turton had stolen a handful of dog sticks from Three Lakes Retail Park Pets at Home in Selby. When challenged he reversed his car, hitting Mr Dukes and then drove so quickly that the shop worker had to jump onto the car bonnet.

Turton’s defence claimed that staff were angry for the shoplifting and just wanted revenge.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told Turton: “You drove in an extremely dangerous manner with no consideration for the safety of Mr Dukes at all. For driving of this nature, a sentence of imprisonment is inevitable.”

Mr Turton was jailed for seven months, banned from driving for two years and ordered to take an extended driving test.

He admitted stealing from the Selby shop and assaulting Mr Dukes. He admitted dangerous driving on the basis that he had been driving slowly and had stopped from time to time to encourage Mr Dukes to get off.

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