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UK launch for AniForte

German pet brand AniForte is launching in the UK.

The brand will cater for the rising numbers of pet owners seeking natural diets for their pets in the UK.

AniForte is launching its online shop today with a range including both foods and supplements for dogs, cats and horses.

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The UK market will now have access to bestsellers like Mobility Wonder, created to support dog joints and Pure Nature wet foods which have high meat and vegetable content to ease digestion.

Another prevalent concern for cat and dog owners is their pets’ dental health; AniForte Anti Plaque will also now be available, to clean teeth and support healthy gums.

AniForte began in 2013 with the aim of providing more quality raw ingredients for household pets and improving their vitamin and mineral intake in the process.


Mark Gnotke, director of AniForte UK says: “We are very excited to be arriving in the nation of pet lovers. There is an increasing awareness of pet nutrition in the UK and a rising demand for premium and organic foods.

“We want to offer a comprehensive solution to this market with diets and supplements that promote the health and happiness of pets. We believe nature has all the answers to pet health problems so all of our range is free from additives, chemicals and artificial flavourings.

“We have a great team of experts ensuring all of our diets are of the highest quality including our vet Dr Schedorn, a team of pet nutritionists and of course the toughest committee of all, our loyal customers.”


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