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Skinner’s new premium ‘Life’ range now available from wholesalers

Skinner’s new Life range is now available from wholesalers. Life, a premium food for pets, is available in puppy, junior, adult and senior. A sensitive version is available for dogs in need of a fully hypo allergenic option.

Life offers balanced nutrition. Skinner’s describes the food as: “super premium ingredients – including optimum levels of all nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals – to form a highly palatable diet for all stages of a dog’s life.”

Skinner’s works with nutritionists to provide the correct balance of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals required for all dogs throughout every life stage.

The range is available in 12.5kg (RRP from £24.99) and 2.5kg (RRP from £6.99) bag sizes. The 2.5kg bags are re-sealable, for added convenience and freshness.

For further information on this range of new products from Skinner’s contact your account manager or Skinner’s direct on 01379 384247. Alternatively, email:

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