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Vet charity honours heroic and devoted dogs

Three heroic and devoted Scottish dogs were honoured today (Friday 24 February) by the UK’s leading veterinary charity for their bravery and devotion to duty.

At a special ceremony at the Scottish Parliament, Police Dog Ozzy became the latest recipient of the prestigious PDSA Gold Medal* – the animals’ equivalent of the George Cross – for disarming a man threatening to blow up a block of flats.

Police Dog Sweep and civilian dog Sabby were awarded the PDSA Order of Merit* – the animals’ OBE.  PD Sweep’s award is in recognition of outstanding service as a detection dog, uncovering drugs, weapons, cash and poisons over an eight-year career. Sabby was honoured for her role within the NHS, supporting people with learning difficulties.

Commenting on the awards, PDSA director General Jan McLoughlin said: “Between them, these three wonderful dogs have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, courage and character. They have excelled in different ways but each story demonstrates the huge contribution that animals make to our lives.”

The PDSA Gold Medal and Order of Merits were presented to PD Ozzy, PD Sweep and Sabby by PDSA Director General Jan McLoughlin.

Jan said: “I feel incredibly proud to award Ozzy, Sweep and Sabby, three truly amazing dogs with their PDSA Medals.  Each of their stories is unique and special, but they have all made a profoundly positive impact on the lives of people in Scotland.

“Today they join a very honourable line-up and are all worthy recipients of the PDSA Gold Medal and PDSA Order of Merit.”

Police Scotland, assistant chief constable Bernard Higgin, added: “Police dogs play an essential role in supporting our officers in Keeping People Safe, as these awards demonstrate. Our dogs and their handlers perform many roles, whether it be searching for missing persons, searching out illegal drugs, money, poison or explosives.

“It is clear that they are brave and fearless teams and the awards to Ozzy and Sweep amply demonstrate that.”

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